The idea behind hacking wifi passwords and why


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What is wifi

Wifi is essentially wireless internet that can get transmitted from device to device. This wonderful technology enables us to work more efficiently and get more done. Instead of just being physically connected to the internet, one can move around and work at the same time, making it much more productive. Wifi isn’t just for computers or devices, it also works great with game consoles and streaming videos. Games can be downloaded and played wirelessly which provides a great experience for the person playing. As you can see, wifi is nowadays almost essential for everyday work, and there is a ton of demand for it out there. Click here to hack wifi passwords



What is wifi hacking

The idea of hacking wifi is to break into a secure wireless network that needs a password. While it sounds easy, it’s actually a pretty complex thing to accomplish. Nowadays, more and more people are protecting their wireless networks by putting passwords on it. Some simple and some extremely complex. Each wifi network has a limited amount of data that can go through at any given time. So if a lot of people are streaming movies or downloading big files, the network can slow down a lot. This is a common reason as to why people and companies protect their networks.

Why do you want to hack wifi

People hack wifi mainly because they can’t afford it or to save money. While breaking into a wireless network is illegal, plenty of people do it anyway. Some malicious users will use it to their advantage to infect computers and go further from there. Others pirate movies and use other networks to download their flicks in order to not get caught. Everybody has different reasons which ultimately lead to them hacking wifi.

You can use a variety of tools

There are plenty of tools to hack wifi password. These tools usually examine and then proceed to exploit weaknesses in order to gain access to the network. It usually takes much more advanced users to perform such tasks. It isn’t necessarily difficult however as anyone can search ways to hack wifi networks online. Some wifi networks can be hacked by brute forcing which means the computer tries to guess the password instead of intelligently finding exploits. This method tends to take much longer and has a pretty low success rate. This is why most hackers use exploits to hack into wireless networks.


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